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The UCONNECT Project, coordinated by GOWEX and funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 Capacities programme at its "Research for the benefit of SMEs" theme, is aligned with the current steady growth in the interest of concretization of Smart Cities, centred at solving the connectivity needs forSmart Public Transportation Systems to provide Smart Services, both for the transport itself, the asset that most importantly influences the overall efficiency of a city, and for citizens, the main asset in a city.

Enhancing the transport sector will result in the overall enhancement of the city efficiency. Several initiatives are taking place in this scope, towards Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), in terms both of self-providing services and of services for the passengers that it carries. As the first need in order to implement any Smart Service is the connectivity provision, every Smart Service to be implemented in the transport sector will need to be continuously connected to the Internet in order to behave appropriately. Furthermore the connectivity envisaged for the transport sector must be provided ubiquitously and in mobility.

UCONNECT proposes to reach this Ubiquitous Connectivity for Public Transport through the implementation of three connectivity systems: (1) a seamless vertical handover system, allowing terminals to get connected to any access technology while maintaining connectivity to avoid services cut-offs; (2) a seamless roaming system, with close relation to the handover system, allowing terminals to get connected regardless of the operator exploiting the access network; (3) an interoperability system, allowing terminals to use several access networks at the same time, improving the overall available bandwidth and allowing the use of specific technologies for specific data transmissions, achieving efficiency both in transmission capabilities needs and in operational costs terms.

The related market segments will be explored by the consortium SMEs and feasible business models, with adequate pricing and billing methods for access provision and roaming exchanges will be established accordingly.

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    Contract number:
    FP7-SME-2012-315161 Duration: August 2012 – July 2014 Total budget: 1,477 M€ EC Contribution: 945 k€

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